I enjoy occasionally dabbling in foreign languages.

Deutsch. Here's a poem about an idea that I wrote when practising German. The sentences are biased towards exercising the simple past (Präteritum) tense. It is a poem about an idea in the abstract sense. It is about an idea's ability to infect the mind and its inherent desire to be expressed.

Arabic. Here are some reflections and motivations for trying out Arabic written in fusha or modern standard arabic (MSA). Arabic is beautifully exotic, but requires a lot of exposure to master. The Arabic alphabet, or al-abjadiya al-arabiya, is essential to learn. I hereby simplify it radically by transliterating into latin.

Russian. Here's a few thoughts in Russian that enigmatically depict doubts and invariants of life experience. The language is phonetically familiar to Slavic speakers, thus the proper Cyrillic alphabet is used to raise the difficulty level.